The Solar Keymark Scheme Rules

The overall rules for the Solar Keymark certification scheme follows the general Keymark rules givene in the CEN docuemts below.

·        CEN/CENELEC Internal Regulations: Part 4 Certification, July 2018 (PDF)

The specific Solar Keymark rules acts as a supplement to the general rules, giving the specific requirements related to the particular Keymark certification of solar thermal products.

·        SOLAR KEYMARK SKN_N0444R5_SK_Scheme Rules (PDF) / Edition 2021-07-09

·        SKN_N0484_R6 History and List of changes for SK SRs SKN_N0444

·        Annexes:

Annex A              Inspection report templates

               A1          Factory inspection report

               A2          Physical inspection report

Annex E              FPC

Annex P              Product Specific Annex: Collectors EN 12975

               P1          General

               P2          Technical documentation

P3          Correction and interpretation file for the standard

P4.1       Datasheet Scenocalc

P4.2       Manual Aircow

P4.2       Datasheet AirCow

P5.1       PVT

P5.2       Coloured Glass

P5.3       Exchange rules for insulation

P5.4       Hydraulic Designation Code

P5.5       In-Situ Collector Certification

P5.6       Calculation Kd ISO 9806

P5.7       Thermodynamic Collector

Annex Q             Product Specific Annex: Systems EN 12976

               Q1          General

               Q2          Technical Documentation

Q3         Correction File

Q4         Datasheet

Annex R              Product Specific Annex: Systems EN 12977

               R1          General

               R2          Technical Documentation

R3          Correction File

R4.1      Datasheet Store

R4.2      Datasheet Controller

R5.1      Application of ST software for EN 12977-2 system simulations

Annex W            Weather Database

               W1         CEN Locations

               W2         EC Locations

               W3         Other Locations 


The former version of the Scheme Rules including the annex are still available at the Solar KEYMARK website in case the fall back clause will become into effect. This ensures that all third parties and customers can see the former version to make sure that in case of any overlooked error or inconsistency the previous version of the Scheme Rules and Annexes can be applied (i.e. the set of documents that is valid today).

Former version of the Scheme Rules including the annexes – Replaced by SKN_N0444R1 and its Annexes



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