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How to recognise a certified product?

The products certified with the Solar Keymark shall bare the official Keymark logo.

The Keymark shall in principle  be affixed to the product itself by being engraved, pressed, moulded, printed or by any other method.  If affixing to the  product itself is not possible  or practical , it shall be affixed  to the product ’s package,  the labelling, the instructions  for use, or accompanying commercial documentation.

The marking includes an identification code of the empowered certification  body which  has granted  the Keymark. The  allocation of this  identification code  is administered by CCB  for CEN and by the members of the corresponding  Keymark scheme(s) in the CENELEC area. The identification code must remain clearly legible.

Other marks used in conjunction with the Keymark shall not create confusion with it, nor shall they  reduce  its legibility and visibility.

For more details please check the Solar Keymark Database of Certified products.

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