Why becoming an accredited Solar Keymark Test Lab?

 Why, as a Test Lab, the Solar Keymark & the Solar Keymark Network are important?

The Solar Keymark is a well recognised and widely used certification scheme - in operation for 15 years. The Solar Keymark is supported by the Solar Keymark Network which has for tasks to:

  • maintain and continuously improve the Solar Keymark scheme rules and procedures;
  • harmonise practical procedures;
  • exchange experience amongst operators;
  • exchange information between industry and operators;arrange comparative testing "Round Robin" amongst test labs;
  • inform about Solar Keymark;list certified products;
  • list empowered and accredited operators.

Please note: This network is a formidable place for test labs to have a quick access to knowledge as the Solar Keymark Network has gathering Solar Thermal experts for 15 years.

How becoming an accredited test labs?

In order to become an accredited test labs, you need to contact one of the empowered certification body in charge of the Solar Keymark Certifications.

Please note: once you became an accredited test labs, you will be automatically added to the Solar Keymark Network members.

Do you have any question regarding the Solar Keymark or Solar Keymark Network?

Contact the Solar Keymark Secretariat at info@solarheateurope.eu, or the Solar Keymark Manager, or the Solar Keymark Chairman.


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