Solar Keymark Network

Compositon of the SKN

Members of the SKN

The Solar Keymark Network is the operative framework around Solar Keymark. It consist of the Solar Keymark operators (certification bodies, test labs and inspectors) and industry representatives.

Tasks of the SKN

The tasks of the network are:

  • to maintain and continuously improve the Solar Keymark scheme rules and procedures;
  • harmonise practical procedures;
  • exchange experience amongst operators;
  • exchange information between industry and operators;
  • arrange comparative testing "Round Robin" amongst test labs;
  • inform about Solar Keymark;
  • list certified products;
  • list empowered and accredited operators

Financing the SKN

Until 2010 the network was financed by:

  • The Solar Keymark operators themselves;
  • The European Commission (ALTENER & IEE projects);
  • The European Solar Thermal Industry federation, ESTIF - now Solar Heat Europe/ESTIF.

The activities of the Solar Keymark Network are now financed by "Solar Keymark Licence fees". Though, the members of the SKN finance their own involvement in the Network.



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