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Your participation in the Solar KEYMARK Network

Dear Solar KEYMARK Certificate Holder,

With this message, we would like to inform you about the option to participate actively in the Solar KEYMARK Network (SKN).

The SKN is the assembly of the certification bodies, testing laboratories and representatives of industry. The main task of the SKN members is to continuous improve the SKN Scheme Rules according to European Standards development and market needs and to resolve all kind of technical and administrative issues.


Save the date – Solar Keymark & Certification issues for certificate holders - Webinar

When: June 6th 2019, 16:30 to 17:30 CET

Where: Register Here

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The Solar Keymark Network organizes a webinar specifically for potential or current certificate holders. As such, the webinar will focus on the different advance of the SKN and SK as well as the advantages to become an active member of the Solar Keymark Network.


What is the Solar Keymark?

1 Introducing SK

The Solar Keymark is a voluntary third-party certification mark for solar thermal products, owned by CEN/CENELEC.

Every certified product is in full conformity with the relevant European standards and fulfils additional requirements to assure constant quality. This level of quality is maintained by initial type testing and by regular controlled of the products and their production sites by independent inspectors. Consumers and authorities can fully rely on the certified products.

For these reasons the Solar Keymark is the basis for most European supporting schemes and it is also increasingly recognised or adapted worldwide.


The Solar Keymark Network: An introduction & Essential Documents



The Solar Keymark Network is the operative framework around Solar Keymark. It consists of the Solar Keymark operators (certification bodies, test labs and inspectors) and industry representatives.


Introducing the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) & CEN TC 312

3 Introducing CEN


CEN, the European Committee for Standardization, is an association that brings together the National Standardization Bodies of 34 European countries.

CEN is one of three European Standardization Organizations (together with CENELEC and ETSI) that have been officially recognized by the European Union and by the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) as being responsible for developing and defining voluntary standards at European level.


Solar Keymark products

Solar Keymark News

  • Solar Certification Fund: 10th call launched

    Enhancing quality assurance for a sustainable technology!

    Brussels, 20 November 2018 – The Solar Certification Fund (SCF) launched its 10th call for proposals to continue to provide regular and reliable support for (1) developing better and new Solar Thermal certification and standardization processes, (2) ensuring quality assurance for tomorrow's solar thermal technology.

    "The Solar Keymark is a reference in the European market for solar thermal products. As such, it is important that it continues reinvesting in quality assurance, standardization and certification processes by means of the projects supported by the Solar Certification Fund",  mentioned the Chairman of the Solar Keymark Network, Andreas Bohren.