Solar Certification Fund (SCF)

The Solar Certification Fund (SCF) was set up in 2009, when the Solar Keymark Network (SKN) decided to support activities concerning the development and promotion of the Solar Keymark certification scheme and related standards.

A Steering Group was then created to manage the SCF whose main tasks are:

  • Define priority fields and specific terms of references in the annual calls,
  • Select projects for funding (including budgets),
  • Give notice to the Solar Keymark Network about the approved proposals,
  • Approve project deliverables.


Eligible subjects/projects

Topics on quality assurance of solar thermal products in general - and specifically developing and promoting the harmonization of international certification schemes and correlated international standards and directives within the field of solar thermal and related areas.

These can include:

  • improving existing certifications schemes and standards
  • establish certifications schemes and standards for new products in the field of solar thermal or related areas
  • promoting the use of harmonised certification schemes and standards

How to apply for funding?

The application must be made using the template specified in the call document

The evaluation will be done based on given criteria.

The 12th Call is now closed. 



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