Why and how to obtain the Solar Keymark for my products?

 Why, as a manufacturer, the Solar Keymark is important?

The Solar Keymark:

  • is the only European quality mark for solar Thermal Products with an international recognition,
  • certification improve your internal process and quality assurance of your products,
  • facilitates the access to subsidy schemes in many countries (SKN Map of European Support Scheme),
  • Brings the support of the Solar Keymark Network, managing the Solar Keymark, as a technical partner, which can provide you with an assistance to better understand certified data,
  • Offers a competitive advantage to its owner!

How to certify a product?

All products falling under one of the following European standards can be Solar Keymark certified:

  • EN12975 Solar thermal collectors,
  • EN12976 Factory made systems,
  • EN12977 Custom built systems.

All documents related with the certification are available under “Scheme Rules” but we recommend to get in contact with any of your preferred certification body or testing laboratory to learn more about the procedures, advantages, obligations, delays and fees for the certification procedure.

Do you have any question regarding the Solar Keymark and the Solar Keymark Network?

Contact the Solar Keymark Secretariat at info@solarheateurope.eu.


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