What is the Solar Keymark? Why is the Solar Keymark useful for Public Authorities?

What is the Solar Keymark?

The Solar Keymark is a voluntary third-party certification mark for solar thermal products, owned by CEN/CENELEC.

Every certified product is in full conformity with the relevant European standards and fulfils additional requirements to assure constant quality. This level of quality is maintained by initial type testing and by regular controlled of the products and their production sites by independent inspectors. Consumers and authorities can fully rely on the certified products.

For these reasons the Solar Keymark is the basis for most European supporting schemes and it is also increasingly recognised or adapted worldwide.

The Solar Keymark can be currently granted to:

  • Solar collectors (according to EN 12975-1),
  • Factory made solar thermal systems (according to EN 12976-1),
  • Custom built solar systems thermal systems: solar water heaters and combisystems,
  • (according to EN 12977-1).

Why is the Solar Keymark useful for Public Authorities?

The Solar Keymark:

  • Is a well-proven (15 years) trustful quality mark for solar thermal products managed by a European group of expert, the Solar Keymark Network,
  • Gives a fair chance that the certified product will provide a good performance as well as being resistance and durable. It filters out many lower-quality products available on the market,
  • Offers a certification scheme that can be used in subsidy schemes as it is easy to use and provide the market surveillance authorities with reliable technical information. Due to its facility to use, the Solar Keymark is used in several support schemes in Europe (SKN Map of European Support Scheme),
  • Is a true European mark which facilitates trade and helps overcoming barriers within Europe.

Solar Keymark Network

The Solar Keymark certification system is managed by a group of empowered certification bodies, recognised testing laboratories, quality-conscious manufacturers and Solar Heat Europe: The Solar Keymark Network.

Do you have any question regarding the Solar Keymark or Solar Keymark Network?

Contact the Solar Keymark Secretariat at info@solarheateurope.eu.


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