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New Solar Keymark Network Rules Allow On-Site Testing (from

The Solar Keymark Network has expanded its range of options by including in situ testing. At a meeting in March 2019, a revised version of the Solar Keymark (SK) Scheme Rules was approved to allow collector efficiency tests in a real-life environment. It is now possible to create efficiency curves and to calculate all values required for a Solar Keymark Certificate by using only the results gained from field-testing. Large flat plate or on-site built vacuum tube collectors, as is typical of solar district heating, benefit from this new option, as do parabolic trough or Fresnel collector units.


Vote by correspondence 2019


During the months of April and May 2019, the Solar Keymark Network members have voted by correspondence three proposals.

Those proposals were approved by the Solar Keymark Network members and by the KMO, DINCERTCO.


Solar thermal first!

The revision of the European Energy labelling regulations (ErP) is ongoing and will have a big impact on the solar thermal markets in the next few years. Many people think that the underlying rules are made somewhere in a hidden backyard of Brussels which is only partly true: You can participate too.

The European Energy labelling regulations are referring to the European standards. For solar thermal appliances, these are the collector standard, the standards for factory made systems and for custom built systems. If these standards are made such that they provide useful information and reliable performance rating for the ErP, they will be used as basis for the European Energy labelling.

One of the most powerful lever factors to support the solar thermal market is therefore the making of good standards. Maybe even more important than technical innovation. 


Your participation in the Solar KEYMARK Network

Dear Solar KEYMARK Certificate Holder,

With this message, we would like to inform you about the option to participate actively in the Solar KEYMARK Network (SKN).

The SKN is the assembly of the certification bodies, testing laboratories and representatives of industry. The main task of the SKN members is to continuous improve the SKN Scheme Rules according to European Standards development and market needs and to resolve all kind of technical and administrative issues.


Solar Keymark & Certification issues for certificate holders - Webinar

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The Solar Keymark Network organizes a webinar specifically for potential or current certificate holders. As such, the webinar will focus on the different advance of the SKN and SK as well as the advantages to become an active member of the Solar Keymark Network.


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