CE-marking related to Directive 89/106/EEC, Construction Product Directive (CPD)

CE-marking of solar collectors related to the Construction Product Directive (CPD) is under preparation.

The CE-marking will cover the following characteristics for solar thermal collectors in buildings.:

  • Mechanical resistance to climatic loads (wind, snow, ...)
  • Fire safety (e.g. initiation, reaction to fire, risk to adjacent elements, ..., as relevant)
  • Weather tightness (when relevant - i.e. for roof integrated or façade integrated collectors)


Attestation of conformity according to CPD Annex III.2.(ii), econd possibility:

  1. initial type-testing of the product by an approved laboratory
  2. factory production control


CE-marking should go hand in hand with Keymarking:

  • CE-marking being the manufacturer declared (lower level) quality assurance scheme
  • Keymarking being the 3rd party certified (higher level) quality assurance scheme


t is expected that this CE-marking will be inforce in 2014-15

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