Solar Keymark Misuse

In order to protect the added value of the Solar Keymark all misuse is prosecuted. In case of suspected misuse of the Solar Keymark:

  • Please inform the Keymark Manager Organisation if you find products on the market which are not certified and misuse the Solar Keymark (Internet, exhibitions, advertising, etc.).
  • In the case you identify certified products not being in conformity with the certificate, please inform the certification body which issued the certificate.
  • In all other cases where you have doubts about certified products or where you have good reasons to assume a misuse of the Solar Keymark, please inform the Solar Keymark Manager.

They will follow up on your contact, clarify the situation and, if required, contact the entity at stake with the aim of solving the problem directly. In case we are not able to solve the problem, the CEN Management Center will follow up on the process and take legal action if needed to.


What is the Solar Keymark?

Why choosing certified products?

The experts’ experience speaks about numerous unsuccessful solar thermal projects, where diverse stakeholders invested extensive sums of money to produce products with few benefits for the end users.

Therefore, it is necessary to allocate a careful attention to all steps of the project and its implementation. The choice of a reliable and effective collectors, as well as other important components of the system, is an important first step. The Solar Keymark certified the quality of solar thermal products and aims at helping you to support you in choosing your products.

If choosing certified product is important, please do not to forget of choosing competent and fair experts who can:

  • Understand your needs and conditions,
  • Design your system according to your needs and help you to choose the best system components,
  • Install the whole system and bring it to life.  

What is the Solar Keymark?

The Solar Keymark is a voluntary third-party certification mark for solar thermal products, owned by CEN/CENELEC.

Every certified product is in full conformity with the relevant European standards and fulfils additional requirements to assure constant quality. This level of quality is maintained by initial type testing and by regular controlled of the products and their production sites by independent inspectors. Consumers and authorities can fully rely on the certified products.

For these reasons the Solar Keymark is the basis for most European supporting schemes and it is also increasingly recognised or adapted worldwide.

The Solar Keymark can be currently granted to:

  • Solar collectors (according to EN 12975-1)
  • Factory made solar thermal systems (according to EN 12976-1)
  • Custom built solar systems thermal systems: solar water heaters and combisystems
  • (according to EN 12977-1)


How to recognise a certified Solar Keymark product?

Solar Keymark’s certified products bear the official Keymark logo together with an identification code.

solar keymark

Registered Code

Registering and comparing of certified products

In the Solar Keymark database, all certified products are listed with the links to the manufacturer's website and the data sheets of the product’s performance parameters.

The performance measurements and calculations utilise sophisticated mathematical apparatus and provide a model of solar collector’s or system’s behaviour in different conditions. This offers a very powerful tool for comparison of different products and (with respect to other facts like the prices, availability of the products, references about their manufacturers, etc.) gives you - or your designer, planner, architect, or developer - a good chance to choose the really best fitting solution for your specific needs, requirements, and conditions.

Solar Keymark Network

The Solar Keymark certification system is managed by a group of empowered certification bodies, recognised testing laboratories, quality-conscious manufacturers and Solar Heat Europe: The Solar Keymark Network.


Certified products

How to recognise a certified product?


Solar Keymark’s certified products bare the official Keymark logo together with an identification code. If affixing to the product itself is not possible or practical, it shall be visible on the product’s package, user manual or accompany commercial documentation.

solar keymark

Registered Code

The identification code must remain clearly legible. Other marks used in conjunction with the Keymark shall not create confusion with it, not shall they reduce its legibility and visibility.

The validity of a Solar Keymark certificate can be checked in the Solar Keymark Database of Certified products.



Database of Certified Products

In the Solar Keymark database, products with Solar Keymark are listed with links to manufacturer's web's and to data sheets with certified values of performance parameters for the products.

  • Solar Keymark Database - Collectors
  • Solar Keymark Database - Systems
  • Solar Keymark Database - Storages
  • Solar Keymark Database - Controllers
  • Note: We receive from the certification bodies updates for the database approx. once a month. If you don't see your new product in the database, please contact the certification body.

    If you want to know more about the collector performance parameters - and if you want to compare your collector to a typical collector, go to:
    Explanation of the certified collector performance parameters





    Solar Keymark products

    Solar Keymark News

    • Solar Certification Fund: 10th call launched

      Enhancing quality assurance for a sustainable technology!

      Brussels, 20 November 2018 – The Solar Certification Fund (SCF) launched its 10th call for proposals to continue to provide regular and reliable support for (1) developing better and new Solar Thermal certification and standardization processes, (2) ensuring quality assurance for tomorrow's solar thermal technology.

      "The Solar Keymark is a reference in the European market for solar thermal products. As such, it is important that it continues reinvesting in quality assurance, standardization and certification processes by means of the projects supported by the Solar Certification Fund",  mentioned the Chairman of the Solar Keymark Network, Andreas Bohren.