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Why the Solar Keymark is of interest for Test Labs

SOLAR KEYMARK - The Quality Label for Solar Thermal Products in Europe
  • Solar thermal is becoming big business: The solar thermal business is one of the fastest growing businesses in Europe having growth rate of about 30% a year and absolute annual market of 1.5 mill. m² of collectors in 2001. This correspond to an annual turn-over - collectors only - of about 300 mill. Euro. Including the other components and the installation of the solar thermal system, the annual turn-over reaches above 1 bill. Euro a year. And the goal of the European Commision is to reach a total installed collector area of 100 mill m² in 2010!
  • The Solar Keymark will be necessary for obtaining subsidies: Although the Keymark is voluntary mark - and that goes for the Solar Keymark too - there is a very high motivation from the industry to have this certificate because of the possibilty of obtaining subsidy. Developing the market of solar thermal products has a very high political priority: National and regional subsidies are given most of the places all over Europe, but, but, but only if the products are certified - and the common European level of certification is already the requirements in the new European standards. Solar Keymark states conformity with these European standards and is valid almost all over Europe.
  • EU-wide market for testing: As the Solar Keymark is valid all over Europe, the test lab looks into not only his own national market, but into the total European market.
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