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D29 (WP6): Workshops

General report of the four Solar Keymark industry workshops:
Almost all participants in the workshops were from the industry (manufacturer of solar collectors and systems), typically 15-20 representatives. The general structure of the workshops was:
  • General info on Solar Keymark, history, propagation, recognition (ESTIF)
  • Specific info on Solar Keymark testing (local test lab)
  • Specific info on Solar Keymark certification (local certification body)
  • Experience with Solar Keymark (one to three local manufacturers)
  • Discussions
Main impact of the workshop was increased motivation to use Solar Keymark and increased knowledge in the industry sector about:
  • benefits of Solar Keymark
  • practical procedures to obtain the Solar Keymark
Lively discussions took place - typical issues:
  • flexibility of the certification
  • certification of OEM products
  • costs of the license
  • problems with acceptance of Solar Keymark in some countries (the first 3 workshops)
The discussions gave important feed back to the project:
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