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Next meeting in Lisbon March 5-7, 2003 at INETI.

Our last Solar Keymark project meeting has (as usual) a very condensed, but also very interesting programme. It will include:
  • CEN/TC/312 WG meetings
  • A Special Meeting on implementing the Solar Keymark on the European market with participation of representatives from the European industry and Certification Bodies
  • Discussion on future work
The location of the meeting is: INETI, Building "a", meeting room : "Salão Nobre".

The practical things around the meeting is kindly being organised by Maria Carvalho from INETI. Before 10th of February you can book single/double rooms at Hotel VIP Zurique to a special rate of 58/65 EURO per night. Please book yourself directly using the hotel fax number +351 217937290 referring to "Reunião Solar Keymark - INETI". The hotel requires your credit card type, number, and expiry month/year included in the booking fax.

Dealine for booking: 10th of February!

When you book, please send a mail to Jan Erik Nielsen and Maria Carvalho, so we can arrange things for the right number of people.

The best way to go from the Airport to the Hotel is Taxi. It is not far. At the airport there is a Service ( Lisbon Tourism) where you can by a Voucher for the Taxi at a fix price: Week days, between 8 h and 20h 40 min - 13.97 €, Week days, between 20h 40 min and 23 h 45 min and Weekends - 16.76 €. Taxi is also most convenient between hotel and INETI.

Draft Programme:

Wednesday 5th, 14:00 - 18:00
- WP1.Network: Status and conclusion on subtasks A,B,C,D (inputs to standards to be treated at WG meetings)
- WP2.Scheme Rules: Status and discussion on relevant future revisions (product families)
- WP3.Dissemination: Status and conclusion (follow up to be treated Thursday)

Thursday 6th, 09:00-13:00
- Planning final report
- Future work:
- Administrating and promoting the Keymark
- Network of test institutes
- Green thermal certificates
- Others

Thursday 6th,14:00-18:00
- WG2 meeting (formal)
- WG3 meeting (informal)

Friday 7th, 10:00-13:00
- WG1 meeting (formal?)

Friday 7th, 14:00-17:00
- Implementing the Solar Keymark - meeting with certification bodies. Special programme

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