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Solar Thermal Applications and Technology

The basic principle common to all solar thermal systems is simple: solar radiation is collected and the resulting heat conveyed to a heat transfer medium - usually a fluid but also air in the case of air collectors. The heated medium is used either directly - for example to heat swimming pools - or indirectly, by means of a heat exchanger which transfers the heat to its final destination - for instance: space heating.

Solar thermal can be successfully applied to a broad range of heat requirements including domestic water heating, space heating, and drying. New exciting areas of applications are being developed in particular solar assisted cooling.  System design, costs and solar yield are being constantly improved.


The Solar Heating and Cooling Map is showing examples of existing solar thermal installations, from individual houses to large scale district heating. Zoom in on a selected region to see all installations on the map in that region.

This map is being developed and made known by a broad network of organisations, regions, local authorities, companies and other energy actors within the framework of the  initiative, which is a non-profit initiative supported by the European Union to promote renewable energies and energy efficiency. The idea is to encourage people to use renewable energies and energy efficiency measures by showcasing examples on the map in everyone’s neighbourhood. This map is also meant to facilitate information exchange both at local level and across borders; thus contributing to a better understanding of solar thermal and illustrating its role in the energy transition. 

Are you aware of any solar thermal system for domestic or other applications?
Add your example to the map to make it visible and to inspire others to use solar thermal as well. Each example is important!

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