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European Standards were published in 2000 for solar thermal collectors (EN 12975) and factory-manufactured systems (EN 12976). A draft standard exists for custom built systems (ENV 12977). These standards specify how a product should be tested to assess its durability, safety and performance. Test results from an accredited test laboratory are often required by financial incentive schemes to ensure good quality products. And increasingly a Solar Keymark certificate is requested to attest to the compliance of a solar thermal product with the relevant EN standard. On the Solar Keymark website, we provide further information on the solar thermal EN standards

How to obtain the text of EN standards

Because of copyright restrictions, you must purchase copies of EN standards. You can order EN standards from CEN national members (European Committee for Standardisation).

EN standards are important - ESTIF is involved in their development

EN standards are often referenced in financial incentive programmes and building regulations. Existing standards need to be updated, and new standards for other solar thermal products could be developed. From its inception, ESTIF has been involved in the development of EN standards, having gained official liaison status with CEN, the European Committee for Standardisation. The European Commission has often co-funded these important activities, see the projects Solar Keymark, NEGST, and SolarKeymark-II.

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