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The Solar Keymark is a voluntary third-party certification mark for solar thermal products, demonstrating to end-users that a product conforms to the relevant European standards and fulfills additional requirements.

The Solar Keymark is used in Europe and increasingly recognized worldwide.

The Solar Keymark is a CEN/CENELEC European mark scheme, solely dedicated to:

  • Solar thermal collectors (based on European standard series EN 12975)
  • Factory made solar thermal systems (based on European standard series EN12976)

The Solar Keymark was developed by the European Solar Thermal Industry Federation (ESTIF) and CEN (European Committee for Standardisation) in close co-operation with leading European test labs and with the support of the European Commission. It is the main quality label for solar thermal products and is widely spread across the European market and beyond.


Who can certify ST products?

Certification Bodies empowered by CEN Certification Board for issuing Solar Keymark licenses. These Certification Bodies ensure that the products and their manufacturers comply with the requirements of the Solar Keymark Certification Scheme.

The empowered Certification Bodies require from the costumer testing according to:

  • EN 12975-2: Solar thermal systems and components - Solar collectors
  • EN 12976-2: Solar thermal systems and components - Factory made systems

From recognised Test Labs, i.e., Test Labs that comply with the requirements of the Certification Body and are entrusted by this to carry the according to the relevant EN Standards and the SK scheme rules.


How to become a recognised test lab?

The requirements are set in the Internal Regulations of the Keymark System. The general requirements are given in [1], part 4.1.5:

"Bodies engaged in certification, testing and inspection shall fulfil the requirements of the relevant standards for their operation, e.g. EN 45000 series and EN ISO/IEC 17000 series of standards, as well as the additional requirements defined in the Keymark scheme rules..."

The Solar Keymark Scheme Rules as set additional requirements/rules, for instance:

  • The certification body in agreement with the manufacturer (license applicant) employs any of the approved testing laboratories fulfilling the requirements in this scheme and listed in paragraph 8 "List of bodies for the implementation of the scheme";
  •  Evaluation of testing laboratories by the certification body is not an alternative to accreditation;
  • Certification bodies, testing laboratories and inspection bodies shall participate actively in the Solar Keymark Network, i.e. participate the in meetings relevant for their activities in Solar Keymark certification, testing and inspection;
  • Certification bodies shall make test results public available in the harmonised format agreed upon by the Solar Keymark Network – See Annex B. Updated lists of certified products shall be sent to the Secretariat of the Solar Keymark Network each month.
  • Certification bodies shall collect a fee for each license issued to be transferred to the Secretariat of the Solar Keymark Network.


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