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Product Certification

Why should product certification be required?

Product certification assists users to select quality products, as attest that a given product complies with the relevant European Standards.

The certification may be:

  • voluntary (SK) or compulsory (ex: some CE marks);
  • third-party (SK) or self-certification (CE marking);
  • European (SK) or national on its scope and recognition.

Product certification, when required by a support scheme set up by a public body, assures that a proper use of public funds is done.

What are the advantages for the consumer?

  •  high quality products
  • guarantee that the product sold is identical to the tested product
  • confirmation that products are FULLY tested according to the relevant standards
  • eligibility for subsidies


What are the advantages for the manufacturer?

  •  simpler testing procedure
  • one test valid for all European countries
  • freedom of choice amongst the accredited test labs
  • easier introduction of new products in different European countries
  • simplified procedures for replacing components in certified products


How does the Certification process work?




What is the current situation in European countries?

The Solar Keymark is used in Europe and increasingly recognized worldwide. It is the main quality label for solar thermal products and is widely spread across the European market and beyond. It is recognised in all European countries, even if in soime countries some aditional requirements may apply.

Further information may be found on country reports. These intend to provide an overview of the situation of different European markets. This overview addressed general market topics and specific standards & certification issues.

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