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CE-Marking of Solar Thermal products

CE-marking related to
Construction Product Regulation (CPR)

CE-marking of solar collectors related to Directive 89/106/EEC, Construction Product Directive (CPD) is under preparation.

The CE-marking will cover the following characteristics for solar thermal collectors in buildings.:

  • Mechanical resistance to climatic loads (wind, snow, ...)
  • Fire safety (e.g. initiation, reaction to fire, risk to adjacent elements, ..., as relevant)
  • Weather tightness (when relevant - i.e. for roof integrated or façade integrated collectors)
  • Attestation of conformity according to CPD Annex III.2.(ii), econd possibility:
  • Initial type-testing of the product by an approved laboratory
  • Factory production control
  • CE-marking should go hand in hand with Keymarking:
  • CE-marking being the manufacturer declared (lower level) quality assurance scheme
  • Keymarking being the 3rd party certified (higher level) quality assurance scheme

It is expected that CE-marking of collectors related to CPR will be in force in 2018-19.


CE-marking related to
Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)

As solar collectors are pressurized, the question arises if they are touched by the regulations of the EU pressure equipment directive (PED).

According to the rules and guidelines referred below:

  • Large collector modules with PS*V BIGGER THAN 50 bar*litres SHALL be CE-marked in relation with the PED
  • Normal collector modules with PS*V LOWER THAN 50 bar*litres CAN NOT be CE-marked in relation to the PED

In Guideline 2/23 of March 31st, 2006 to the Pressure equipment directive 97/23/EC by the Commission's Working Group "Pressure", it is clarified that: "A typical solar panel would be classified as Article 3, paragraph 3 equipment, due to the maximum allowable pressure and volume" - see Annex II and the figure below:



PS: Maximum allowed pressure in bars; V: Volume (fluid content) in litres.


It is seen that far most collectors are covered by the Article 3 Paragraph 3, stating: "Such equipment and/or assemblies must not bear the CE marking ...".

However, in some cases CE-marking of solar thermal collectors is obligatory according to the curves above (large collector modules):

  • Collector volume in litres multiplied by the max. allowable pressure in bars > 50 litre*bar: Category I - Conformity Assessment Procedures: Module A applies
  • Collector volume in litres multiplied by the max. allowable pressure in bars > 200 litre*bar: Category II - Conformity Assessment Procedures: Modules A1, D1, E1applies

PS: In accordance with clause (5) of the preface of the PED, not a collector array, but a single collector has to be considered.

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