QAiST project results: Communication and Dissemination
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Target group(s)

Information about quality assurance methods in solar thermal heating and cooling technology

Web sites references and screenshots (D6.1)

References to relevant websites on topics related to quality assurance in solar heating and cooling

Public authorities, stakeholders from CEE

Country reports (D6.2)




Reports with a summary analisys of the situation in different countries regarding topics such as: regulatory framework; public incentives, testing & certification,  obstacles and other information. Available country reports:

Planners; installers; industry; test labs

Presentations given at ESTIF workshops on standards and certification (D6.6)

Presentations done from 2009 until 2011 in workshops on standards and certification organised by ESTIF for its members, including updates on the work done in QAiST: revision of the standards, global certification, promotion and development of the Solar Keymark.


Presentations about the work in the QAiST project (D6.9)

Presentations done by QAiST partners in conference, symposia, meetings about the work being developed in the framework of the project. These can be presented in different forms: communications, abstracts, poster or other.

Experts on Solar Heating and Cooling

Comprehensive information about Solar Keymark available in CEE new member states

Solar thermal Quality factsheets (D6.5)

Factsheets providing information and answers on common quetions and doubts about quality assurance in solar thermal products. Includes topics such as: applicable standards, Solar Keymark, certifying a product, recognising a SK test lab and listing Certification Bodies.

Industry & test labs in EU NMS

Manual and guides related to quality assurance (D6.5)

Brochure explaing the Solar Keymark certification, Guide on use of the EN12975 (one for industry, one for test labs)

Industry, test labs, certification bodies & public authorities in EU NMS

Presentation at workshops for SEE and CEE countries (D6.4)

Presentations done in workshops targeting new EU member states, hel in Romania and Poland, covering topics such as: quality assurance in solar heating and cooling, Solar Keymark, recent changes in the standards and outlook, solar thermal markets in Europe, European and national policies promoting the development of the sector, latest developments of solar thermal technology, solar heating in building renovation or retrofitting, solar assisted district heating.

Industry, test labs, certification bodies & public authorities in EU NMS

Solar Keymark products

Solar Keymark News