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Next meeting:

22nd meeting: March 7th 13:00 - 8th 14:00, 2017, Freiburg, Germany (Hosted by Fraunhofer ISE)

Documents (to come):

  Connected meetings:

  • Global Solar Certification Network meeting
  • IEA SHC Task 57 "Solar STandards and Certification" meeting
  • ...


Scheduled future meetings:

  • 23rd meeting: October 17th 13:00 - 18th 14:00, 2017, Nicosia, Cyprus (Hosted by TÜV Cyprus)
  • 24th meeting: March 6th 13:00 - 7th 14:00, 2018, Madrid, Spain (Hosted by Fraunhofer AENOR)


Minutes from meetings: 


Meeting21 Photo courtesy of Henry Rosik


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