ScenoCalc tool

ScenoCalc stands for Solar Collector Energy Output Calculator. This free to use tool is spreadsheet-based programme for the calculation of annual solar collector energy output. 

It has been developed by RISE in the framework of the project Quality Assurance in Solar Thermal Heating and Cooling Technologies (QAIST), supported by the European Commission via the program Intelligent Energy Europe.   

Scenocalc allows for a comparison between different collectors, under different weather conditions, independently from the test having used two performance test methods foreseen in EN 12975 used (Steady State test or Quasi Dynamic test). As a result, it provides the calculation of annual energy gains, including a monthly dissection at different collector operating temperatures.  

This toll has been adopted by the Solar KEYMARK Network (SKN) for the certification of solar thermal products. Additional developments of this tools have been done upon approval of the SKN, with the financial support of the Solar Certification Fund. 



ScenoCalc tool v 6.1 (September 2019)

Description of ScenoCalc v6.1 (September 2019)

Revision history (January 2020)


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