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D23 (WP5) Overall Report
D23.1 (WP5): Recommendations for absorber/collector exposure/durabillity tests
D23.2 (WP5): Proposal for standard method for calculating collector annual output

D24 (WP5): prEN122977-3 on solar tanks
  • prEN122977-3 on solar tanks recommended to T312:
    RESOLUTION 6, CEN/TC 312 - GRAN CANARIA, SPAIN, 2006-04-03 & 04
    CEN/TC 312 resolves to send working document prEN 12977-3 as submitted to the CEN/TC 312 at the formal meeting in Canary Islands (2006-04-03&04) to the CEN for Enquiry stage. prEN12977-3 is available through national CEN/TC312 mirror committees.
Available from your national TC312 mirror committee / standardisation body
D25 (WP5): Draft scheme rules including solar tanks
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