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Specific Scheme Rules - Annex B1 - Collector data sheet

Updated 20/1 2012

Intro & download of template

Annex B1 is the harmonised template to be used for reporting test result for solar collectors.

It has two pages:

  • Page 1: Summarising the EN 12975 test results
  • Page 2: Presentating the values for collector annual output

An example is available for download in Excel format:

Documentation of calculation of collector annual performance

Calculation of the annual collector performance is done by the official Solar Keymark spreadsheet tool. Hour by hour the collector output is calculated according to the efficiency parameters from the Keymark test using constant collector operating temperature.

Values shall be calculated for the four "CEN locations" included in the above tool using the data included in the tool:

  • Athens
  • Davos
  • Stockholm
  • Würzburg
The weather data used are described in Values for one location more may be calculated using data generated by "Meteonorm" and using the format specified in the official tool given below.

Values shall be given for three average collector operating temperatures:
  • 25 °C
  • 50 °C
  • 75 °C
Non-tracking collectors shall be calculated with an orientation fixed to South and with a tilt equal to the latitude of the location - 15 ° and rounded to nearest 5 °. The tilts for the four "CEN locations" are:
  • Athens 25 °
  • Davos 30 °
  • Stockholm 45 °
  • Würzburg 35 °
All equations and procedures used are documented in: The official Solar Keymark calculation tool is available for recognised Solar Keymark test labs

Get "Collector Energy Output Calculator": Available from restricted area
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