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Transfer of experience for the development of solar thermal products (TRANS-SOLAR)

With the transformation of the Central and Eastern European economies in the 1990s, the often thriving solar thermal markets came to an almost complete halt. Signs of recovery and even strong growth, e.g. in Poland, are evident today.The TRANS-SOLAR project aimed at supporting this development by transferring know-how in the manufacturing and marketing of solar thermal products from the old EU Member States to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Information packages were compiled and a series of workshops and trade missions to the 7 CEE partner countries were organised within the framework of this project.

It included the organization of national workshops in the participating countries namely Bulgaria , Romania , Slovenia , Poland , Croatia , Czech Republic and Hungary which provided information adapted to the local conditions. The information consisted of up-to-date technical, marketing and policy knowledge for the development of the national thermal markets. Moreover, dissemination of the European standards and the Solar Keymark certification scheme should strengthen local markets and industry while contributing to the higher integration of European market.

Project objectives were:

  • Transfer manufacturers and installers' experience from the most developed European countries
  • Disseminate the latest information about European standards and certification schemes and to promote policies for solar thermal products to the selected target group in these countries
  • Promote networking and create business links between the most and the least developed European markets
  • Capacity building of National Associations of solar thermal manufacturers and installers in order to strengthen their presence in the National and European markets

The project started on 1 December 2007.


The following information can be accessed from the TRANS-SOLAR website:





  • 8-9 October 2009
    Sofia - Bulgaria

    Seminar “Solar Energy and Building Sustainability”
  • 29-30 October 2009
    Bucharest - Romania

    Seminar “Solar Energy with Building Integration Methods”
  • 3-5 March 2010
    Kielce - Poland

    8th Fair of Renewable Sources of Energy ENEX - New Energy
  • 9-11 April 2010
    Kielce - Poland

    17th Fair of Residential Building Materials and Interior Fitments DOM
  • 19-29 April 2010
    Czech Republic

    Seminars: utilisation of RES by and besides donations Zelená úsporám (green for savings)  
    • Liberec - 19.4
    • Plzeň - 20.4.
    • České Budějovice - 21.4.
    • Prague - 22.4.
    • Hradec Králové - 27.4.
    • Ostrava-28.4.
    • Brno -  29.4.

  • 13-15 July 2010
    Kroměříž, Masarykovo nám. 183/15 - Czech Republic

    Conference :Alternative energy sources 2010 - sustainable heating and cooling supply for housing
  • 10-12 November 2010
    Varaždin  - Croatia
    2nd International Trade of renewable energy sources Cro Eco Energy Expo 2010!
  • 10-12 November 2010
    Sofia - Bulgaria

    Policy Framework & Business Opportunities in SEE Energy Forum

  • 25-29 September 2011
    Dubrovnik - Croatia

    Dubrovnik Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems

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