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Enlarging Solar Thermal Systems for Multi-Family Houses, Hotels, Public and Social Buildings


SOLARGE was a European co-operation project to open up markets for large solar thermal plants, focussing on installations from 30 m² collector surface area upwards for e.g. hot water supply, heating system support and cooling for multi-family buildings, hotels, public and social buildings (for example old people’s homes and hospitals).

SOLARGE supported this undertaking with information, training and communications measures. Investments in plants, research and demonstration projects could be supported.

SOLARGE motivated investors, suppliers and decision-makers in politics and administration to use the market potential of large solar thermal installations.

SOLARGE produced materials that can be used by interested institutions for their own activities.

Eleven partners from eight European countries were working on the SOLARGE project, which ran from January 2005 to December 2007.

Further information: The central SOLARGE website was managed by target GmbH. There you will find - amongst many other interesting information - the SOLARGE leaflet.













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