European Solar Thermal Industry Federation


QAiST focused on the best ways to enhance the competitiveness of the European solar thermal industry and further increase consumer confidence. These objectives must be achieved through improved standards and certification schemes, testing and certification harmonization and a widespread dissemination of the quality concept throughout Europe.

  • Support the further development of the solar thermal market in Europe, by developing existing standards and extending Solar Keymark certification activities to new products, actors and countries within Europe
  • Improvement of existing European standards for solar thermal products, supporting the revision of EN 12975, on items such as durability and reliability requirements and including new solutions, such as solar thermal systems in association with heat pumps and cooling machines
  • Improve quality assurance for manufacturers and consumers on laboratory tests, through inter laboratory comparisons (Round Robin) and development of guidelines and checklists
  • Reduced testing costs for solar domestic hot water systems being part of a common “system family”, by developing flexible certification methods
  • Promote European quality standards globally and incentivise harmonisation at international level, including the possibility of establishing global certification schemes

The project achievements are divided into 5 areas:

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