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Welcome to the QAiST project website.

This project, Quality Assurance in Solar heating and cooling Technology, ran from June 2009 until May 2012 with the support of the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme. The project partners included some of the main European experts (and the world) from testing laboratories specialised in solar heating and cooling. Being coordinated by ESTIF, it ensured a strong interaction between the work being developed in the project and the industry.

The QAiST project worked on the development of European Standards, meeting new demands from the solar Thermal market at European Global level, ensuring that these keep up with new technological developments and remain an important mean of quality assurance in Europe. The project achievements will benefit directly the European consumers and potentially enhance the competitiveness of European manufacturers.

The project produced an important number of resources freely accessible to experts, industry, public authorities, students or other interested party. We believe this information is of great value, in particular considering the lack of materials on quality assurance in solar thermal available prior to the QAiST project.  


So that the achievements of the project and the resources made available are better understood,
a Report of Project Achievements, a factsheet and a project presentation are available to download.







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