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New Generation of Solar Thermal Systems


The overall objective of this project was to introduce more cost-effective solar thermal systems, particularly for domestic hot water preparation and / or  space heating, to the market. ESTIF participated in this project in order to ensure that the "next generation of solar thermal STANDARDS", which were the subject of work package 4, were really relevant to the market participants and reflected the interest of the solar thermal industry in Europe.

In order to achieve the ambitious goals of this project the consortium consisted of leading solar thermal experts from research and test institutes as well as industry participants from several European countries. The project activities were closely linked to the work of the IEA SH&C Task 32 (Advanced storage concepts for solar thermal systems in low energy buildings) and with regard to standardisation work to CEN TC 312 (Thermal solar systems and components).

Further information: The central NEGST website was managed by Solar- und W√§rmetechnik Stuttgart (SWT).

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