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Solar Thermal Action Plan for Europe (STAP)


Initiates file downloadThe Solar Thermal Action Plan for Europe (STAP) addresses solar heating and cooling policies. It considers the current barriers to growth and explains how a mix of policy measures can contribute to their removal. Concrete guidelines on 5 key issues provide much practical help.

The 26-page summary is a great introduction for anyone interested in solar thermal markets in Europe.


Most governments want to promote the use of solar thermal. They need solid information to enact targeted policies. Five Key Issues are studied in detail in the Solar Thermal Action Plan, identifying policies which can jump-start the market. The clear guidelines represent the combined and shared view of most of the solar thermal industry in Europe.

The STAP was developed in 2006-2007 with the support of the Key Issues for the Renewable Heat in Europe project. This project was co-ordinated by ESTIF and supported by the Intelligent Energy-Europe Programme of the European Commission.


The Solar Thermal Action Plan for Europe consists of:

  • Highly readable summary version (PDF, 26 pages)
  • Accompanying charts and pictures (various graphic formats for royalty-free use)
  • Full STAP as a single consolidated text (PDF, 233 pages), consisting of in depth reports on:
  1. Regulatory policies and solar obligations (see separate web page)
  2. Financial incentives (August 2006, 67 pages, 672 kB)
  3. Innovative applications of solar thermal: State of the art, and policy recommendations
    solar assisted cooling (August 2006, 21 pages, 2,2 MB)
    solar industrial process heat (August 2006, 15 pages, 370 kB)
  4. Setting verifiable targets at national and EU level (June 2007, 10 pages, 126 kB)
  5. Quantifying the energy delivery by measurement and by simple calculation (August 2006, 16 pages, 303 kB; June 2007 5 pages, 60 kB)

Key Messages

  • Solar thermal is key for our future energy supply
  • The huge potential for solar thermal is so far largely untapped
  • Public policies are decisive to accelerate market penetration
  • Once the market reaches a critical mass, policy support can be gradually reduced
  • A comprehensive support strategy is needed to address the different barriers to growth
  • The single most important tool is solar obligations
  • The Solar Thermal Action Plan provides concrete guidelines on solar thermal support policies

Solar Thermal Action Plan for Europe (STAP) - Downloads

Here you can download the full brochure and diagrams from the Solar Thermal Action Plan for Europe.

Download PDF version


  Download charts and diagrams



  • Past growth, targets & potentials: visualisation with lorries

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