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Energy Performance in Buildings

The EC Directive on the Energy Performance of Buildings (EPBD) will help to improve the overall energy efficiency of new buildings in the EU. Its transposition into national legislation offers a great chance to further improve the attractiveness of solar thermal and other renewables for usage in the built environment. 

For additional information on the recast of the EPBD Direective please click here

Solar Keymark

The Solar Keymark quality label was developed by ESTIF together with the European Committee for Standardisation in order to accelerate the growth of the European market by reducing the barriers to trade caused by the existence of different requirements to get financial incentives in different countries. ESTIF's Position Paper on the Solar Keymark (Sept. 2003) is addressed to all market participants, especially manufacturers and institutions responsible for financial incentives.

For detailed information on this quality label, please consult the Solar Keymark website.

Training of Installers

Because of the great importance of installers in the solar thermal markets, ESTIF calls for the inclusion of solar thermal training into the standard training/education of installers. This and further recommendations are presented in ESTIF's Position Paper on the Training of Installer (2004).

Please also look at our further information on the role of installers.

ESTIF is partner in the QualiCert project "Common quality certification & accreditation for installers of small-scale renewable energy systems"

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