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JOINT POSITION - Seven industry associations call on Members of the European Parliament to support a label for the installed stock of boilers

Date: 07 Jun 2017

Currently, the European Parliament’s Industry, Research and Energy Committe is intensely debating what should be the next steps for the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. Improving the energy performance of Europe’s existing buildings will be essential to meet the EU’s climate and energy targets. In addition, it is widely recognized that modernising the heating systems currently installed in the EU’s building stock will be integral to this effort.

This is why seven industry associations (AEBIOMCOGEN EuropeEGECEHIEHPAESTIF and Hydrogen Europe) decided to join forces and call once more for dedicated policies to improve the installed stock of boilers. Concretely, these industries – manfucturing high-efficiency and renewable heating appliances plus hydrogen producers – support the idea to start labelling the installed stock of 80 million boilers, many of which have outlasted their intended technical lifetime. Such a labelling scheme will inform consumers about the inefficiency of their heating and raise awareness about the wide range of high-efficiency and renewable heating technologies that are currently available on the market.

You can download the letter that was shared with all Members of the European Parliament’s Industry Committee below: 

Find the letter here


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