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Electrification of heating and cooling: briefing note

Date: 31 Oct 2016
Category: Solar Heat News

In the wake of the debates on the EU Strategy on Heating and Cooling, a large coalition of actors, ranging from utilities and RES-electricity trade associations, to research centers and NGOs, has successfully managed to bring to the forefront of the discussions the issue of the electrification of the heating sector. Although different views, goals and interests are concealed behind this coalition, the issue is unanimously brought forward in the light of the decarbonisation advantages that electrification would bring to the whole EU energy sector. Unfortunately, these views have been received positively and took roots in different sections of the European Commission, and are echoed in the European Parliament as well, as recently seen in the ITRE Report on the Heat Strategy.

You can find an ESTIF Briefing Note on this topic here.


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