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RHC-ETIP- Document on panels' priorities to be finalised by September

Date: 20 Jul 2016
Category: Solar Heat News

In September 2015, the European Commission proposed in its document on the “New SET-plan governance structure”, that the European Technology Platforms (ETPs) and the European Industry Initiatives (EIIs) merge to European Technology and Innovation Platforms (ETIPs). At its meeting on 26 January 2016, the RHC-Platform board determined, that the RHC-Platform fulfils all requirements of an ETIP and agreed to name the platform RHC-ETIP from 26 January 2016 on.

The work to be carried out by ETIPs according the description of the European Commission is extended in relation to the work of the ETPs. The RHC-ETIP board agreed to ask its panels to provide input on some topics as basis of the discussion on future activities in these fields.

This document provides the input of the RHC-ETIP panels to the board on specific questions. It is expected, that each question is answered in form of bullet points, typically ½ to one page, but not more than 2 pages per question. This document is regarded as internal draft and result of a first brainstorming within the panels and will not be used externally.

The answers of the panels shall be delivered to RHC-ETIP board until the beginning of September. The board will then discuss further steps regarding these topics at its meeting on the 4th October 2016.

Please find the form to be filled in here.


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