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Energy labelling for heating devices – a challenge and an opportunity for dealers and installers

Date: 24 Sep 2015


Brussels, 24 September 2015 – As from 26 September 2015, labelling of space heating systems, hot water devices and storage tanks will become mandatory for manufacturers, dealers and installers. It will also mark the launch of a new type of label on the market: the package label, a process which requires a more active involvement from dealers and installers. The product and package labels will rate heaters from the lowest efficiency G to the highest A+++, which can only be reached with renewable energy solutions, highlighting the added value these technologies bring to the heating market. The project LabelPack A+ offers specialized support, from a package labelling online tool to training material and consumer information to support professionals, especially dealers and installers.

It is happening now!

From this Saturday onwards, manufacturers, dealers and installers must assign and make available to the end consumer the relevant energy label to space heating systems, water heaters and combinations of both for systems up to 70 kW or packages with solar thermal systems, temperature controllers with up to 70 kW and 2000 litre tank. While single products already have a label provided by the manufacturer, the label for packages of components from different suppliers have to be calculated and issued by the professional selling to the end-consumer. According to European regulations, prior to the sale and when assembling packages made up of components from different manufacturers, all dealers and installers will have to use the data sheets provided by the manufacturers with the products to calculate the efficiency of the package.

Dealers and installers play a key role

Solutions have been provided by the EU funded project LabelPack A+ to facilitate this task. “LabelPack A+ has developed a user-friendly online solution for calculating the package label” says Pedro Dias, Secretary General of the European Solar Thermal Industry Federation (ESTIF) and coordinator of the LabelPack A+ project. He adds “since only packages including renewables, namely solar thermal, can reach the most efficient label classes for water and space heating, it is vital for the main operators in the sector, including dealers and installers, to have the tools that can help them comply with EU regulations and strengthen the solar market for heating solutions.” The user can simply go to and choose between the different online resources, including the calculation tool. The website will be available in five different languages.

When an obligation becomes an advantage

As only systems including renewable energies can reach the best energy efficiency classes, the package label becomes an interesting tool for marketing highly efficient heating systems. The label indicates the efficiency of a heating solution. For the client, the new labels provide clearer information for simpler comparison of products and packages offered. Nevertheless, the installers’ role is even more important at this stage, providing support to the consumer and recommending the most suitable solution according to need, wish and budget. “The best options depend on local conditions and consumer preferences” says Robin Welling, President of ESTIF, adding “we think that installers will play a major role in advising their clients who will progressively demand more energy efficient solutions, thus including renewable energies.”


LabelPack A+ receives funding via the Horizon2020 programme of the European Union. It provides information on the package label and offers trainings for experts, dealers and installers. To find more information, please visit



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