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Two million solar heating systems now in operation in Germany!

Date: 10 Feb 2015

Congratulations to our German members for their great achievement. This positive news has just been released by the German solar trade associations, BDH and BSW.

Although the oil price was very low in 2014, 112 000 new solar thermal installations were recorded that year in Germany; a reflection of consumers' confidence in the technology. This also represents a huge step towards both energy self-sufficiency and security of supply.

The outlook is very bright as the German market still presents a vast potential. Indeed, over two-thirds of currently installed heating systems are in urgent need of replacement, with around three million boilers judged inefficient and outdated, not only in single-family homes but also for commercial and industrial use.

Up to now, only 10% of the heat demand in Germany has been met from solar thermal energy. Increasing the uptake of the technology is an opportunity not to be missed, in particular in view of the need to reduce our energy dependency from fossil fuel imports, replacing them by indigenous sources, generating local economic growth and creating jobs.

Read the full press releases (in German)


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