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IEA-SHC Solar Heat Worldwide - Markets and Contributions to the Energy Supply 2012 edition 2014 PUBLISHED

Date: 07 Jul 2014

The report gives the most comprehensive overview of the global solar thermal market. The statistical report contains detailed information about the status and development of the worldwide solar thermal market up to 2012. Moreover, an in-depth preview of the cumulated installed solar thermal capacity in operation as well as the corresponding annual energy gains for the year 2013 is given.

Summary of main results:

- Preview 2013

  • By the end of 2013 the estimated total capacity of solar thermal collectors in operation worldwide is 330 GWth, or 471 million m² of collector area.
  • This corresponds to an annual collector yield of 281 TWh, which is equivalent to savings of 30.1 million tons of oil and 97.4 million tons of CO2.
  • The number of jobs in the fields of production, installation and maintenance of solar thermal systems is estimated to be 460,000 worldwide in 2013.

- Total installed capacity in operation worldwide by the end of 2012

  • In the 58 countries considered in the report an installed capacity of 269.3 GWth, corresponding to a total of 384.7 million m² was in operation by the end of 2012
  • This corresponds to an annual collector yield of 227.8 TWh, which is equivalent to savings of 24.5 million tons of oil and 79.1 million tons of CO2
  •  The 58 countries cover an estimated 95% of the world-wide market

- Newly installed capacity worldwide in 2012

  • In the 58 countries considered in the report a capacity of 52.7 GWth, corresponding to 75.3 million square meters of solar collectors, was installed in the year 2012
  • This means an increase in new collector installations of +9.4% compared to the year 2011:
    • China: +10.9%
    • Sub-Sahara Africa: -6.0%
    • Asia excluding China: 34.4%
    • Australia: -4.7%
    • Latin America: 11.7%
    • Europe: -7.2%
    • MENA Region: -6.9%
    • USA / Canada: +1.2%
    • WORLD: +9.4%
  • The breakdown of the newly installed capacity in 2012 by collector type is 15.9% glazed flat-plate collectors, 81.0% evacuated tube collectors, 3.0% unglazed water collectors and 0.2% glazed and unglazed air collectors.

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