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ESTIF Board holds second meeting of the year
Date: Thursday 31. of March 2016

The ESTIF Board held its second meeting of the year, on the 28th March. One of the main topics covered in this meeting was the follow-up of the last Solar Keymark Network, namely the ongoing complaint procedure, the changes to the SKN working rules related to the complaint process and other topics, such as the outcomes of the Solar Certification Fund.

The other main topics on the agenda were those related to the ESTIF priorities for 2016, namely policy, energy labelling and membership. The...

Workshop on Extending a Carbon Price Signal to the Heating Sector
Date: Friday 25. of March 2016

On the 17th March, ESTIF participated to a workshop organized by EuroHeat & Power on ‘Extending a carbon price signal to the heating sector’. The workshop saw the presentation of the GreenStream study ‘Inclusion of the heating sector in the EU ETS’, commissioned by the Finnish Energy Industries, followed by a reaction of Commission representatives, including Director Marie Donnelly.

The study (accessible here) states that the argument for expanding the EU ETS is to improve the cost...

Eurogia: Call for project proposals open
Date: Wednesday 23. of March 2016

Eurogia has launched a new call for proposals on low carbon energy related research and development projects.

Having more than 40 participating countries, the EUROGIA2020 programme is a cluster of the EUREKA network which aims at promoting low carbon energy technologies. EUROGIA2020 is actively assisting in finding partners for innovative and transnational projects.


Through its quality label for RD&D projects, called EUROGIA label, it also helps projects accessing public funding....

Global Certification: state of affairs
Date: Wednesday 23. of March 2016

The Global Solar Certification Network (GSCN) is an initiative between solar thermal stakeholders coming from different regions of the world, representing industry, certification and inspection bodies aiming to facilitate certification for solar thermal products.

This initiative held several meetings in Berlin between 9 and 11 March, including a GSCN Board Meeting, a GSCN Plenary Meeting and an IEA SHC Task 57 meeting.

This cooperation has changed overtime its main goal. At an initial stage...

ESTIF Task Force: ESTIF rebranding process
Date: Monday 07. of March 2016

Following the decision to rebrand ESTIF as Solar Heat Europe, the Board decided to set-up a task-force of marketing experts to come up with proposals for the rebranding process and guidelines for the development of the new corporate image. Marketing experts representing ESTIF members are welcome to participate.

The process is expected to involve 3 webmeetings with 1 hour duration. In preparation for each of these meetings 30 mins to 1 hour could be foreseen. Interested participants to this...

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