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ESTIF Task Force: ESTIF rebranding process
Date: Monday 07. of March 2016

Following the decision to rebrand ESTIF as Solar Heat Europe, the Board decided to set-up a task-force of marketing experts to come up with proposals for the rebranding process and guidelines for the development of the new corporate image. Marketing experts representing ESTIF members are welcome to participate.

The process is expected to involve 3 webmeetings with 1 hour duration. In preparation for each of these meetings 30 mins to 1 hour could be foreseen. Interested participants to this...

ESTIF Members Consultation – Measures to promote solar thermal in EU legislation
Date: Monday 07. of March 2016

Following up on the first ESTIF Members consultation webinar on the Renewable Energy Directive, on the 22nd January, ESTIF will hold a web-meeting to proceed to the identification of policy and regulatory measures to promote the deployment of solar thermal, to be included in future EU legislation. The web-meeting will be held on Friday 25 March, 11.00 to 12.00 CET.

Right now, the European Commission is looking into measures to promote switch to renewable heating and cooling that would put the...

Bring your business partners to ESTIF
Date: Monday 07. of March 2016

 ESTIF is launching a membership recruitment campaign. Over the last years, with the crisis in the sector, ESTIF lost some members. In order for ESTIF to continue its work representing the sector, it is important that companies which are part of the solar thermal value chain join us, bringing in their experience, expertise and additional resources for the work to be done by the ESTIF’s Secretariat.

We are counting on our members to support us in this campaign. What can you...

20th Solar Keymark Network: a new era at the SKN?
Date: Saturday 05. of March 2016

The 20th Solar Keymark Network (SKN) meeting will be held on 8 and 9 March 2016 in Berlin.

The Solar Keymark Network

SKN promotes the development of the Solar Keymark quality label and its scheme rules. It is also an important platform for entities dealing with the Solar Keymark testing and certification. Its meetings are held bi-annually.

A new era

This 20th meeting will be hosted by DIN Certco, a German Certification body. This will be the first meeting chaired by Jaime Fernandez, the...

ESTESC 3rd annual plenary meeting
Date: Saturday 05. of March 2016

ESTESC, the European Solar Thermal Energy Standardisation & Certification working group, held its 3rd annual meeting on the 22nd of February in Brussels.

ESTESC is an initiative of ESTIF and the Association of the European Heating Industry (EHI), in cooperation with the German associations BSW Solar and BDH. Currently, almost 40 experts are registered in at least one of the subgroups of ESTESC: Energy labelling, standardization, certification.

The meeting was hosted at EHI's...

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