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Calculating costs of different RHC technologies
Date: Tuesday 12. of April 2016

In the FROnT (Fair Renewable Heating and Cooling Options and Trade) project a user-friendly energy cost calculation tool is being developed in order to promote transparency in energy prices.

Previously a model to define the levelised cost of heating and cooling, taking into consideration the specificities of different technologies, as well as environmental and end use variables was developed. The methodology for estimating costs is outlined in this report.

The online tool relying on the...

Package label: the pan-European online calculation tool
Date: Tuesday 12. of April 2016

From 26 September 2015 on, all newly installed space heating and water heating systems have to be supplied with energy efficiency labels in all EU-member states. The LabelPack A+ project aims at informing individuals about Energy Labelling with focus on the package label for highly efficient combinations of conventional and renewable heating systems therefore developed information materials, training content and an online calculation tool which is accessible in 5 different languages.


20th Solar Keymark Network: main outcomes
Date: Tuesday 12. of April 2016

The main topic discussed at the SKN meeting were the complaints submitted by several tests labs and manufacturers regarding several Solar Keymark Certificates issued for the collectors from one manufacturer.

The topic led to some an important exchange of views between different intervenients in the process. There was a shared opinion that the process is taking far longer than desired and desirable for any of the involved parts and that the complaint procedures foreseen in the Solar Keymark...

Renewable Heating & Cooling technology roadmaps: tracking development
Date: Tuesday 12. of April 2016

The RHC-ETIP (European Technology and Innovation Platform on Renewable Heating and Cooling) published a technology roadmap for Renewable Heating and Cooling, besides several other specific technology roadmaps, including one in Solar Heating and Cooling. The later was prepared by the ESTTP.

The European Commission contracted, after a tendering process, several organisations involved in the work of the RHC-ETIP, to assess and report on the degree of implementation of the referred roadmaps....

Are you part of a research project? This concerns you!
Date: Tuesday 12. of April 2016

The European Commission contracted several organizations, including ESTIF, to carry out an analysis of the current situation regarding Research and Innovation in the Heating and Cooling sector. This work is being carried out in the framework of the Renewable Heating and Cooling European Technology and Innovation Platform.

In this regard, we are carrying out a survey on R&I projects ongoing or that ended in 2014 or beyond. Such survey covers both European and national projects, regardless...

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