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ALDE Workshop: Energy Union and the Need for Integrated Energy Solutions
Date: Wednesday 04. of May 2016

On Wednesday 6 April, ESTIF participated to a workshop held by the ALDE political group in the European Parliament, on the integration of power generation, heating, cooling, buildings, transport and ICT, in order to achieve secure, affordable and sustainable energy in Europe.


After a first panel, introduced by a keynote speech of Commission Vice-President Maroš Šef?ovi?, the second panel focused on the heating and cooling sector, and on the need to develop holistic solutions...

ESTIF Webinar- 3 June: Levelised costs of Heating and Cooling
Date: Wednesday 04. of May 2016

ESTIF and its partners at the FROnT (Fair Renewable Heating and Cooling Options and Trade) project are now concluding the process for the development of a user-friendly energy cost calculation tool providing, for RHC and reference technologies:

1.  Renewable heating and cooling system comparison to reference system

2.  Simple payback time

3.  Green house gases emissions reduction and energy resources consumption

We will explain this tool and collect a...

ESTIF Webinar - 27 May: Key success factors of integrated RHC support schemes
Date: Wednesday 04. of May 2016

ESTIF, in cooperation with its partners of the FROnT project, have carried out an analysis of factors which make schemes and policies for Renewable Heating and Cooling (RHC) successful. We want to share with you the results of this analysis and the consultations carried on this topics.

Reports on the key success factors for RHC support schemes developed by the project consortium are available online as well (click here and here).

You can register for this webinar here. 

FROnT: project meeting & European Advisory Council
Date: Tuesday 03. of May 2016

A FROnT project meeting took place on 18 & 19 April in Madrid where the consortium discussed the latest developments in the project. Among others the design of the online cost calculation tool was debated and validated and as a result the programming of the tool shall start soon. The different FROnT end-user centered tools, aimed at increasing awareness were further elaborated and developed as well as recommendations on promoting transparency on energy costs were formulated.

To share the...

IEA: Workshop on World Energy Outlook
Date: Tuesday 03. of May 2016

ESTIF was present at the World Energy Outlook 2016 High-level Workshop on Renewables, held on 29 April 2016 at the International Energy Agency (IEA) in Paris.

This workshop was held under Chatham House rules, hence limited information can be provided here. It gathered leading experts and decision makers in the energy sector to provide strategic guidance on the analysis and messages of the in-depth analysis on renewable energy that will be central to the 2016 edition of the IEA’s flagship World...

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