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UK battle over RHI: an update
Date: Tuesday 10. of May 2016

After the closure of the public consultation on the future of the Renewable Heat Incentive in the UK, we would like to take a moment to thank all our members who participated in this consultation, by providing a clear signal to the UK government that the European solar thermal industry is united in demanding better frameworks for the deployment of a promising technology such as solar thermal.


ESTIF has supported its UK member Solar Trade Association, by participating to the...

Commission consultation on governance of the Energy Union
Date: Tuesday 10. of May 2016

In January, the European Commission launched a consultation on streamlining of planning and reporting obligations as part of the energy union governance, with a deadline set for the 22nd April. ESTIF participated to this consultation with a contribution.


The aim of the consultation was to ask all interested parties to i) provide information which could be used in the context of the evaluation of the existing planning and reporting obligations of the EU energy acquis; ii) express an...

SolarThermal: Increasing Visibility through Harmonised Hashtags
Date: Tuesday 10. of May 2016

ESTIF has recently participated to a joint solar thermal sector initiative to increase visibility on social networks, such as Twitter, where a unified hashtag system has been launched. Hashtags are commonly used on social media, particularly on Twitter, where they boost visibility and facilitate research and aggregation of content. By using commonly agreed hashtags for the whole sector, the overall visibility would increase significantly.


The initiative, led by,...

SET Plan: Actions on energy efficiency in buildings and industry endorsed
Date: Tuesday 10. of May 2016

The European Commission continues the process of implementation and promotion of the areas covered within the SET Plan.

Now it has been actions 5 and 6 (Energy efficiency in buildings and industry) of the SET Plan that have been endorsed.

Find more information on the SETIS website.

Solar Thermal Energy for Europe 2020 - ESTTP workshop
Date: Tuesday 10. of May 2016

The “Solar Thermal Energy for Europe 2020" workshop, will be held on 24-25 May 2016 in Brussels.

At the workshop you will be able to gain first-hand, up-to-date information on Horizon 2020, meet with the European community of industrial and research stakeholders and share your ideas and find partners for your future projects. 


To join us please reg­is­ter here.

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