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Debate on the Primary Energy Factor
Date: Monday 31. of October 2016

The European Commission is due to publish its major legislative reviews on the energy sector -EED, EPBD, RED, Market Design- before the end of the year. This is the precise moment in which changes to the current energy policies can be introduced, which could affect the future energy mix.

The electrification of the energy system (both for the heating and for the transports sectors) is on top of this agenda (see dedicated briefing note). The two camps now being clearly set and pushing in...

Electrification of heating and cooling: briefing note
Date: Monday 31. of October 2016

In the wake of the debates on the EU Strategy on Heating and Cooling, a large coalition of actors, ranging from utilities and RES-electricity trade associations, to research centers and NGOs, has successfully managed to bring to the forefront of the discussions the issue of the electrification of the heating sector. Although different views, goals and interests are concealed behind this coalition, the issue is unanimously brought forward in the light of the decarbonisation advantages that...

Market Statistics: Summary report launched the 2nd November
Date: Monday 31. of October 2016

Every year, ESTIF publishes a report providing an overview of the European Solar Thermal Markets.

This report aims at producing all the necessary elements to capture the full picture of the European markets for the industry, decision makers, investors and all professionals interested in Solar Thermal markets.

This report used to be published before the Summer was available for free.

This year we proposed some changes to this publication. It is now composed of Solar Thermal Markets in...

ESTIF General Assembly
Date: Monday 31. of October 2016

The ESTIF General Assembly (GA) 2016 will be held on the 2nd December 2016 in Brussels.

Agenda: the draft GA agenda is available here.

Elections: This is an electoral General Assembly. Those interested in applying can find additional information at the Member-Only section or can contact the ESTIF Secretary General.

GA location: The Workshops and the General Assembly will take place at ESTIF office: Place du Champ de Mars, 2, 1050 Brussels. You can find directions to the ESTIF office and a...

Workshops before ESTIF GA
Date: Monday 31. of October 2016

The General Assembly will be preceded, as usual, with a series of workshops on Thursday 1 December 2016 in Brussels:

•             Energy Labelling, Standardisation & Certification (11h00 - 13h30)

•             Electrification of Heating (14h00 – 16h00)

•             Solar District Heating (16h30 –...

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